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We recently came up with the idea of ​​making natural juices on our fruit plantation. We decided that our juices, in accordance with the traditional method of cold squeezing, should be packaged using a bag-in-a-box (BAG IN BOX) system. This of course excludes the use of preservatives and other artificial additives in our juices. The juice is squeezed from fresh fruit, and as such is appreciated by those who pay a lot of attention to a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. We test it throughout the year and combine flavors of different varieties with our closest friends.

The production is performed by a family company from its own orchards (produced using the integral method), which is the best guarantee of quality. Our juices are 100% natural! They are made only from fresh and healthy fruits. Thanks to that, the exceptional aroma and all the ingredients present in apples are maintained.

Natural juices are rich in vitamins. They are also one of the richest sources of fiber, which improves digestion and thus prevents digestive problems. Consuming apple juice every day affects health and overall physical condition.

We offer juices in bag-in-box packaging. This is a unique packaging system that helps the juices stay fresh for up to 45 days after opening and partial emptying. The small faucet is constructed in a way that does not allow air to enter, so the bag shrinks as the juice is consumed.