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In our country, BAG IN BOX is experiencing a special expansion in the wine industry, where more and more wineries are deciding to pack their wines in this packaging. The wines in BAG IN BOX are much longer lasting after opening at room temperature, which allows customers a longer period of consumption and storage.

We are importers and distributors of BAG IN BOX bags, Croatian manufacturer CREDO Osijek. Many years of experience in the use and placement of this item sets us apart from classic retailers, because we use what we recommend and sell to others. The offer of bags is standard, both for wine and juice, and we respond to special requests as soon as possible. Along with the sold goods, we also provide certificates of competent institutions on health safety.

We also provide a complete service from design to production of cardboard packaging at the request of the customer. Printed boxes of 3 and 5 liters, blank of 10 liters. Many years of experience in the manufacture and use of BAG IN BOX packaging, as well as a large number of our customers are a guarantee of quality.

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